Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super Fun Family Home Evening

Chad was in charge of the lesson this past Monday for FHE and it was an "Emergency Preparedness" week.  He said he knew exactly what he wanted to do!

Carson and I were at home, minding our own business when Chad walked in from work on Monday night.  He stated, "Mock Emergency!  We have 5 minutes to get out of our house!" and set the microwave timer for 5 minutes.

I kind of freaked out and didn't really handle it all that well at first!  But, I got my wits about me and went to the bookshelf and got our handy dandy Emergency Plan binder and turned to the "Evacuation Procedures" page that we made last year.

We were able to follow it and each complete our assignments and get out of the house in 5 minutes and into the Pathfinder, along with the dogs! As we took a short drive, Chad asked us what each of us learned.

Carson learned to not pay attention to Mom when she is freaking out and to just stay calm and take a deep breath and do his assignments.

I learned to not freak out and that I have given myself too many assignements on our Evacuation Procedure list (will be revised soon!)

Chad learned that it is really good for us to practice instead of just talk about it.  He says we are going to do it again when it's warmer, head up in the mountains and actually try out our food in our 72 hour kits.

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