Sunday, November 14, 2010

Temple Square

One of our favorite things to do on Sunday afternoons is go for drives.  We usually end up at Sundance or up Alpine Loop somewhere.

Today, we decided to go a little further.  The plan was to drive up to Heber, then over to Park City, then down to Salt Lake, then home.  As we were driving from Park City to Salt Lake, I asked Carson if he would like to go to Temple Square this year when they turn on the lights.  I was shocked when he said, "What's Temple Square?".  As Chad and I thought about it, it has been a loooooooonnnnnnng time since we've been there.  I bet the last time was at Brett and Shannon's wedding and that was in 2005, which is only five years, but he was 4 years old!

So, we decided on the spot to make a little side trip to Temple Square today.  It was cold and rainy and we were just going to walk around for a few minutes but as Chad put it (after we left), those Sister Missionaries are like white on rice!  We ended up talking to a couple of missionaries and they showed us a presentation about families as "a reminder of what we already know".  The presentation itself was very neat and followed a family through different stages in their life and as it does so, you move from room to room.  Very neat. 

At the end, we talked with them for a long while and they asked Carson what some of the blessings are in his life from being a member of the LDS Church and he, thinking they meant "blessings", told them he got a blessing when he was a baby, once when he was sick and for the start of school this year! 

As we left from their presentation, we wanted to go walk by the Christus statue on our way out.  As we entered into that room, I noticed Carson was wiping and wiping his eyes and I thought he was tired.  I took a good look at his face and he was crying!  I pulled him aside, we didn't go into the Christus room, and sat him on my lap.  I asked him what was wrong and he shook his head, which in Carson world means "I don't want to talk".  So, I just hugged him, he said he was okay and we went through and saw the statue, juked a few more pairs of missionaries and made it to our car!  In the car, I told Carson that I was sorry he felt sad or whatever he was feeling and he said he wasn't sad, he was "too happy".  I left it at that.

When we got home, Carson went to his room.  A little while later, he came out with his journal and had written the following (spelling corrected!):

Today I went to the Temple Square and felt the spirit very well.  I felt like we had walked through a great golden gate and when we got outside the visitor center, I still felt a little warm inside.  I hope that I can remember this experience throughout my life and on my mission and help people join the church and speak about Jesus Christ and teach families of the Holy Ghost and Heavenly Father and that families can be together forever when we are married in the temple and sealed together and in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I think we will definitely make it up to see the lights turned on this year.


  1. Oh my goodness that was a wonderful, warming story. What a guy! I love that kid. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh wow, that was cool to read. You've probably already done this, but make sure you point out to him that it was the Holy Ghost he felt. K, well he already wrote that in his journal, so he knows, but I know every time kids feel the holy ghost they need to be reminded that that's what it was, otherwise you end up going on a mission (me) and thinking you've never really felt it much, but of course you have numerous times. Wow, you've got such a great kid on your hands!!! See you Thursday. I'm bringing potato soup. :)

  3. What a great story and a fun family memory.