Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Week...

...was a blur!  It was a very busy week at work for both Chad and me.  However, Carson's school did go to school the full schedule (4 whole days and 1 early out day) and as far as I know, none of the children died from it.

Carson had Cub Scouts on Tuesday and they completed almost all of one requirement, which was great for his progress towards his Bear Acheivement.  Wednesday afternoon was a checkup at the pediatrician.  We are going to a new pediatrician and really, it's about time.  We've lived in Provo for over 4 years now and we've still been going down to Springville as if there aren't any pediatricians in Provo/Orem.  So, we went to see Dr. Greg Nielsen and absolutely loved him.  Thanks to our friend Rachel, an MA in his office, for the recommendation.

Thursday, Chad went to his second week of CERT training and of course, he absolutely loves it.  I had my monthly Relief Society activity that I am in charge of (joy!) the same night so Carson went to the church with me and helped in the nursery.  I asked him if he was a helper or a nursery attendee and he replied, "Well, I did have a snack".  Guess he's not sure what side of the fence that lands him on.  Relief Society was a success and I'm always thankful when it's over!

The weekend was spent deep cleaning the house (it needed it SO badly) and grocery shopping.  We were hoping to get the Bama game on TV, but no such luck.  We decided to cook ribs anyway, though!  ;)

Saturday evening, Carson's friend Jessica came over and they watched Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief, ate popcorn and roasted marshmallows in our fire pit. 

Sunday brought it's usual busy-ness (day of rest? as if!) of 3 hours of church, followed by a quick lunch, Chad going home teaching at 1, me go visiting teaching at 2 and then having to follow that up with working on Carson's spotlight poster that we found out about on Friday.  His spotlight was supposed to be in March, but SURPRISE...it's this week!

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