Monday, August 2, 2010

Jack and Sheldon

Today is Jack's first birthday.  I sang him a song while he growled at me this morning.  He spent the rest of his special day in the following ways:

  • Tearing up mine and Carson's exchange journal
  • Chasing his tail
  • Torturing Chevy
  • Getting caught sleeping on our bed
  • Getting caught trying to jump on the kitchen table
  • Having a bath (while growling at me)
I would bet that he feels it was a successful day for the most part.

Another exciting event today is that Carson bought another hermit crab.  With the unexpected and traumatic death of Dexter last year, we told Carson that when he felt ready, he could get another one.  Well, he's been talking about it a little bit lately.  FHE was very unorganized.  I thought we should do some housework but nobody else seemed too into that idea.  So, we went to PetSmart to "look" at the crabs and came home with "Sheldon" the hyper crab as well as some new sand for Dexter's old habitat.  Carson is uber happy.  Photo to come...

08/08/2010 Update:  Here's the photo.  Nice trash can in the back, huh?

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