Monday, August 23, 2010

FHE 08/23/2010

Prayer: Carson

Song: Carson - Come Follow Me

Scripture: Brooke: D&C 88:77-80 (scripture reference in For the Strength of Youth under education)

Lesson: Brooke: We talked about Carson's upcoming school year and went over the "class information" sheet that Mrs. Meyer had given us at Back To School Night tonight.  We then read The Kissing Hand.  Even though Carson has never had trouble with being away from Mom and Dad, and he's much too old for it, he still loved it!

Activity: Chad: Chad gave Carson a Father's Blessing for the school year.

Treat: Chad: Chad got off easy on this one because Carson and I had baked sugar cookies and made frosting earlier today so we had those (no frosting for Chad, of course!)

For a much more extensive and impressive Back to School idea, check out my friend Alisa!

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