Friday, August 20, 2010

Backyard Campout!

UPDATE 8/21/2010:

Well, as it ends up, I didn't camp in the backyard; Chad and Carson did.  Chad didn't want to set up the big tent and the little one only sleeps two.  I was actually more than happy to sleep in my fluffy king sized bed whilst the men roughed it right outside my sliding glass door.

As the evening wound down, they headed out to the tent with glow sticks, books, magazines and UNO cards.  I finished up the things I needed to do and got the dogs put to bed.  I then climbed into bed to read a magazine and could hear rustling and giggling (Carson) in the tent.  It makes my heart feel full to see them together and having so much fun.  Only a moment after climbing into bed, I hear Carson whispering "Chevy, Chevy, come here".  Chevy had gone out the dog door in the kitchen and was whining by the tent door.  A moment later, I hear "zzzzzzziiiiippppp"; the tent opening up and Chevy climbed in and slept in there with them the whole night. 

I'm super excited today about camping in our backyard with all of my boys (including dogs).  It's a three-fold activity:

1.  Reward for Carson for chores well done
2.  Trial run for camping with the dogs (let's face it; laboradors they're not)
3.  FUN!

I love spending time with my family!

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