Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Day of School Quiz

(Another great idea from my smart Mom friend Alisa)
Carson's First Day of 4th Grade Quiz(including original spelling):
1.  Name: Carson
2.  Grade this year: 4th
3.  Teacher's Name: Mrs. Meyer
4.  Today to school I wore: ornge shirt and blue shorts
5.  For lunch I had: PB and J sanwitch
6.  Lunch was actually pretty: good
7.  I think my favorite subject will be: Math
8.  The subject I am NOT looking forward to is: Nothing
9.  I am happy to be in the same classwith these friends this year: Hunter and AJ
10.  One goal I am setting for myself this year is to: get circels
11.  One thing I am really looking forward to this year: partys
12.  If I could change anything about my first day, it would be: Nothing
13.  My favorite part of last summer was: Evrything
14.  Overall, I think school this year will be: relly great
15.  Because: I have a nice teacher and frends
16.  When I grow up, I really want t: Paint a famos pciture
17.  I think this quiz mom makes me do is: for fun

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