Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FHE 7/26/2010

I really struggled with an idea for FHE for last night.  Usually, on Mondays, or even sometime the week before, I soidify an idea and get my act together with regard to what supplies need to be gathered, etc. 

Well, at the last minute, I decided for us to make an emergency cook stove/paint can heater.  We've been talking a lot lately about preparedeness and getting our emergency plan together. 

After getting it lit, Carson promptly roasted a marshmallow and declared it delicious!

It was a fun project and I'll post a photo of the finished product later.
UPDATE:  Here's the photos!

Finished Product!

What's in the can: smaller paint can, small ceramic tile and small box of matches

In the smaller paint can is a whole roll of toilet paper, minus the
center cardboard part and a whole bottle of rubbing alcohol.
Lights right up!  You can see evidence of our use in this photo.

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