Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update Thursday 6/17/2010

Lots going on right now.  Baseball, summer, work, Lesly, church, family, etc.

Third week of summer is almost finished and Carson is having a great time so far.  The first week, he was with his grandfather, my dad, who prefers to be called "PII" by Carson, which is to say he is Papa the second.  Papa is my grandfather, my Mom's father.

The second week, he was with his grandmother, Chad's mother.

This week, he has spent the mornings at home and the afternoons at the Smith Fieldhouse with Ben and Alex Myles-Mills.  Their father works there and Ben and Alex spend some time there in the summer.  I have never been there, but have heard about it.  Apparently, it's open to the public most of the time, for use of the track.  It's a nice place and the BYU Track and Field Offices are there, which is where Leonard works.  He's a track coach for BYU.

Chad took today off to spend with Carson so they should have a good time.  I am, unfortunately, already at work.  BUT, fortunately, I have a job!  I just don't always like to come this early (0530).  Lots of meetings today so I am getting geared up for that.

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