Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I don't even know where to start about STOMP.  It was AMAZING!

The performance was at the Covey Center for the Arts, which Chad and I have never been to.  Carson has.  I love it when our 8 year old has been places that we haven't!  Carson went with his 1st grade class to see the Nutcracker there.

Anyway, we arrived and found our seats, which were not where I thought they were.  They were on the *very* last row. I was so confused because I picked them out on the web site and they weren't in the back row.  Nevertheless, that's where the tickets said we were to sit and they were good seats.  Even the back row isn't that far from the stage. 

I began feeling a little sick and so I got up to go out and walk around for a bit.  The show hadn't started yet and I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to walk around, as the show was  2 hours long with no intermission.  While out in the lobby, I saw Taralyn and Tiffaney, which was really cool!  They had just gotten tickets that day and they were heading upstairs, as their tickets were for the balcony.  Then, it dawned on me...that's why I was so confused about our seats!  I didn't realize that when I was looking at the map on line of the seats, there were two levels!  Ha!  Well, our seats ended up being perfect because we were basically able to stand up and move around and not have to worry about people behind us. 

A "woman of size" sat next to Chad and Chad was a good sport about it.  However, Chad said to her, "we'd better introduce ourselves if we're going to be snuggling" and her husband nearly came unglued!  The reason he said that was because she was, well, already quite large and then she was leaning over on him! So, he said that to her, her husband flipped out and then she said, "Well, I can't see around her head", indicating the person in front of her.  Then, that poor girl was like, "Sorry, I guess I could try to lean one way or the other".  It was, all in all, very hilarious and I think it may be the first time that lady has ever been to any type of public event.  She really didn't know how to act!

The performance was simply awesome.  There were so many different elements; rhythm, dance, noise, comedy, originality, energy!  I loved every single minute of it and so did Carson and Chad.  I've been looking forward to the show for a long time and it definitely did not disappoint!

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  1. We loved it too! I have thought more than once today - How did they do that? I don't really have much rhythm or beat though. Crazy good!