Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From My Window...

From my window, today I can see...

...the Oquirrh Mountains.  They are dusted with snow.  Snow is expected overnight.  It will be fun to see what they look like tomorrow!

I decided to learn a little abou the Oquirrh Mountins and here are the most interesting things I found:

The name Oquirrh was taken from the Goshute Indian word meaning "wooded mountain." The name "Oquirrh" is a Ute Indian word translated as "The Shining Mountains" or "Glowing". Possibly due in part to the ranges appearance when struck by first light in the winter.

In the winter months, the mountains become home to a small population of bald eagles,
which can often be found in the cliffs on the west side of the range down to
the reservoir near the town of Stockton.

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