Saturday, January 23, 2010

Counting my Blessings

This post is probably more of a personal post.  Please read if you would like, it will probably be a repeat of a lot of things I have already written, but I wanted to collect my thoughts in a different format.

1/19/2010: Offer made to me that would make it possible for me to go to Haiti at some point.  Called Katie, who indicated that I needed to get moving on my paperwork, etc.  Told her I didn't think I was going *this* March, due to airline tickets not being currently sold to Haiti.  Katie said assume they would start selling them at some point, so move forward.

1/20/2010: Downloaded a passport application, filled out as much as I could.  Couldn't rememer where my expired passport or birth certificate were.  Took a lunch break and found them both in the first place I looked.  Went to the post office with all my documents in hand.  Got in and out in about 7 minutes, had a pleasant experience and the USPS employee saved me $60.

Went later that afternoon to the Health Department and had a great experience there.  Employees very helpful, patient with me.  Got *many* immunizations and was in and out in about 20 minutes.  Most of that time was spent being educated, which was great!

That evening, went online and miraculously, tickets were once again being sold.  I found the exact flights I needed and was able to purchse them.  In an odd twist, I recently acquired a new suitcase.  The dimensions of this suitcase are exactly the maximum dimensions that a carry on can be, which is the only bag I can fill with my items, as the two checked bags should be full of supplies for Haiti.

1/22/2010: Might be able to use a little less PTO than I had planned...we'll have to see on that.

Also, Chad came home from work and threw a $20 bill at me.  Chad had told one of his customers, Eddie at The Car Doctor, that I was going to Haiti and Eddie said he wanted to help.  How sweet!

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