Saturday, January 2, 2010

BMX Races

Carson and Chad both competed in the BMX Races on 1/2/10.  They are held at the South Jordan Equestrian Center during the winter and then at an outdoor BMX track in the spring and summer. 

It was the first time racing for both of them.  Carson raced in the 8 year old novice class.  He came in 4th in his first race, 3rd in his second and was a "main event qualifier" for which he earned a trophy.  In the main event, the boy in front of him crashed and Carson had no choice but to run into him (see video below).

Chad raced in the 31-34 Cruiser Class and came in last in both of his races, but looked good doing it!  The other racers in his group are sponsored, etc., really into it and very good!

They both had a great time and want to go race again!

Carson won a trophy for being a "Main Event Qualifier". He was SO PROUD and SO HAPPY! Father and son; serious bike talk

Carson and Chad during pre-race practice

More practice

Getting ready to go

Pathy is all loaded up!

Putting on Carson's temporary number - 433!

I think this might be my new favorite photo of Chad and Carson.

Before the races.

The big picture.

Carson in a turn.

Carson's first race

Chad's first race

Carson biffing it in the finals. Bless his heart.