Monday, January 11, 2010

13th Anniversary

It's mine and Chad's lucky 13th anniversary!  To celebrate, we went to Sundance with my Dad and Ginny for dinner at the Foundry Grill (thanks Dad and Gin!).  It's so beautiful up there and you can't beat the atmosphere.

I hope Chad doesn't mind, but here is an email he sent me today:

Brooke, Happy Annivesary! I love you.

Thirteen years ago feelings of excitement, anxiousness, nervousness, curiousity, and sheer joy could not have prepared me for what was to come. I have been so blessed to have spent the last thirteen years by your side. We have been through alot-good and not so good. I am glad that the good has outweighed the bad and that we have both grown and matured together in this crazy adventure that we have been on. I am sooooo excited to continue this adventure with you. I Love You! I look forward to the next thirteen years with you and even more after that. You are a special person and I thank my Heavenly Father EVERY day for sending you for me. Without you I would be lost.

Happy Anniversary!

I Love You!


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